Unduplicated Annual Enrollment: North Dakota

Unduplicated annual enrollment in North Dakota Community Colleges

What Is Measured?

Number of students enrolled over a 12-month period in North Dakota, regardless of when the students enrolled. Each student is counted only once by each institution.

Who Is Counted?

Students enrolled in North Dakota in courses creditable toward a degree or other formal award, including those enrolled in off-campus or extension centers and high school students taking regular college courses for credit. Full-time students taking remedial courses are also included if they are considered degree- or certificate-seeking for the purpose of determining financial aid.

What It Tells Us

Some 5,099 women and 4,377 men were enrolled in North Dakota Community Colleges in 2013–14. Also shown are the composition of the student population by race/ethnicity over time in North Dakota Community Colleges and the percentage of undergraduate students enrolled in North Dakota Community Colleges.

Why It's Important

Because community colleges enroll students year round, unduplicated annual enrollment is a more precise measure of community college enrollment and is typically larger than fall enrollment. For example, the 6.8 million students enrolled in community colleges nationwide in fall 2012 represented only two-thirds of the 10.2 million students who enrolled in a community college over the entire year of 2012–13. The percentage of students receiving Pell Grants is a rough measure of the percentage of low-income students, but students' eligibility for grant aid is also influenced by such factors as how much they pay in tuition and fees, whether they are financially dependent or independent, and whether they enroll full time or part time.

About the Data

Degree- or certificate-seeking student: a student enrolled in for-credit courses and who is recognized by the institution as seeking a degree, certificate, or other formal award. The formal definition of “degree-seeking” or “certificate-seeking” varies by state.

The percentage of students enrolled in community colleges was calculated as follows: total 2013–14 unduplicated annual enrollment in two-year public degree-granting institutions in each state divided by total 2013–14 unduplicated annual undergraduate enrollment in degree-granting institutions.

Data from the most recent year may not be final and are subject to revision.

Data Source

U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).