Full-Time Attendance in First Term: Arkansas

Percentage of all first-time degree-seeking Arkansas students who enrolled full time by type of institution

What Is Measured?

Percentage of Arkansas students in community colleges and other undergraduate students who enrolled full time.

Who Is Counted?

All first-time certificate- or degree-seeking students in Arkansas Community Colleges and in other degree-granting institutions enrolled in fall.

What It Tells Us

Among degree-seeking students who first enrolled in Arkansas Community Colleges in fall 2014, about 76 percent of students started as full-time students.

Why It's Important

Community college students who enroll full time during their first term are more likely to persist and eventually complete their program or transfer. By definition, full-time students attempt more credits than part-time students, so they are better able to earn a substantial number of credits during their first year (another measure of Progress). Not all students who enroll full time in their first term will enroll full time in all subsequent terms, but those who enroll exclusively full time are more likely to earn a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor's degree than those who enroll part time for at least one term.

About the Data

Degree- or certificate-seeking student: a student enrolled in for-credit courses and who is recognized by the institution as seeking a degree, certificate, or other formal award. The formal definition of “degree-seeking” or “certificate-seeking” varies by state.

First-time student: a student who has no prior postsecondary experience attending any institution for the first time at the undergraduate level. This category includes students enrolled in academic or occupational programs.

Full-time student: a student enrolled for 12 or more semester credits, for 12 or more quarter credits, or for 24 or more contact hours a week each term.

Data from the most recent year may not be final and are subject to revision.

Data Source

U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).