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Nursing Exam Pass Rates: Ohio

Nursing exam pass rate for Ohio Community and Technical College students

What Is Measured?

Nursing exam pass rates

Who Is Counted?

Ohio Community and Technical College students who took nursing exams for the first time in 2005

What It Tells Us

More than 9 in 10 Ohio Community and Technical College students who took the nursing license exam in 2005 passed the first time. Those who took the Licensed Practical Nursing Exam passed at a slightly higher rate than their counterparts who took the Registered Nursing Exam (95 percent vs. 91 percent).

Why It's Important

For many occupations, in particular those in health care and personal care, licensure is required to work in the field. Licensing standards vary by state and occupation, but they typically require a minimum level of education in a specified field and a passing score on a test of competence. Licensure exam pass rates indicate how well community colleges are preparing their students for future employment.

About the Data

Nursing exams: include those for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs).

Exam pass rates were counted only for those institutions classified as community colleges by the Ohio Board of Regents (Ohio Board of Regents, 2009). Estimates were calculated using data from the original source.

Data Source

Ohio Board of Regents. (2007). The performance report for Ohio's colleges and universities, 2006. Columbus, OH: Ohio Board of Regents.

Ohio Board of Regents. (2009). Ohio Community College portraits. Columbus, OH: Author.