Workforce Preparation and Employment Outcomes

Employment Outcomes: Connecticut

Employment rates for Connecticut Community College graduates

What Is Measured?

Employment rates in the third quarter after graduation

Who Is Counted?

2007-08 Connecticut Community College graduates who attained an associate degree, a certificate, or another postsecondary credential

What It Tells Us

Three-quarters of 2007-08 Connecticut Community College graduates were employed in Connecticut in the third quarter after graduation. A greater percentage of female graduates (77 percent) were employed than male graduates (70 percent). The employment rate was highest among graduates whose field of study was health (87 percent) and lowest for graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields (65 percent).

Why It's Important

Labor force participation is consistently associated with higher levels of education, even among those who do not complete a degree or certificate. While a number of states report employment outcomes for students who have enrolled in a community college or completed a community college degree or certificate, the way in which these outcomes are reported and the populations on which outcome measures are based vary widely, making it difficult to compare these measures across states.

About the Data

STEM: includes engineering and related technologies, computer and information sciences, science technologies and technicians, engineering, and agribusiness and related sciences.

Health: includes health professions and related sciences.

Business/management: includes business management and administration.

Social sciences and humanities: includes liberal arts and sciences, general studies, and visual and performing arts.

Other non-STEM: includes home economics; security and protective services; public administration and services; legal professions and studies; communications; education; mechanics and repairers; and parks, recreation, leisure and fitness.

Employment data were obtained from the Connecticut Departments of Labor (DOL) and Higher Education (DHE) and each constituent unit of higher education. Graduate data were provided to and matched with information contained in the Unemployment Insurance program records by the Connecticut DOL. These data reflect employment in Connecticut only and exclude self-employment and federal employment. Some graduates not found to be working in Connecticut may be employed in other states or may be continuing their education.

Data Source

Connecticut Departments of Labor (DOL) and Higher Education (DHE). (2010, October). Higher education: Building Connecticut's workforce: Report on 2007-08 graduates.