Workforce Preparation and Employment Outcomes

Employment Outcomes: Wisconsin

Employment status of Wisconsin Technical College graduates, degree type and field of study

What Is Measured?

Employment status six months after graduating

Who Is Counted?

2010 Wisconsin Technical College graduates

What It Tells Us

Over three-quarters of 2010 Wisconsin Technical College graduates who responded to the Graduate Follow-Up Survey were in the labor force within six months of graduating; 68 percent were employed while another 9 percent were seeking employment. Almost half (48 percent) of the respondents were employed in a career related to the training they received. Graduates in STEM and business/management fields experienced the highest rates of employment (81 percent and 75 percent, respectively). Graduates in STEM fields were also most likely to be employed in a career related to their training (69 percent) compared with graduates in other fields.

Why It's Important

Labor force participation is consistently associated with higher levels of education, even among those who do not complete a degree or certificate. While a number of states report employment outcomes for students who have enrolled in a community college or completed a community college degree or certificate, the way in which these outcomes are reported and the populations on which outcome measures are based vary widely, making it difficult to compare these measures across states.

About the Data

Labor force: includes those employed or seeking employment. Percent employed and percent seeking employment may not sum to percent in labor force due to rounding.

Employed: includes those working for pay or profit, either full time or part time, at the time of the survey.

STEM: includes the majors and programs in the Agribusiness Division.

Health: includes the majors and programs in the Health Occupations Division.

Business/management: includes the majors and programs in business education and marketing education.

Social sciences and humanities: includes the majors and programs in the Graphic and Applied Arts Division and the General Education Division.

Other non-STEM: includes the majors and programs in family, consumer & related human services; the Industrial Division; and the Service Occupations Division.

Associate's: includes collegiate transfers who earned an associate of arts or associate of science in liberal arts.

Diploma: includes short-term technical diplomas and one- and two-year technical diplomas.

The Wisconsin Technical College System Graduate Follow-Up Survey collects data annually regarding the activities and opinions of students approximately six months after their graduation. There were 25,712 graduates in 2010, and 17,498 respondents to the survey, for a response rate of 68 percent. Employment rates are based on the number of respondents to the survey. Estimates were calculated using data from the original source.

Data Source

Wisconsin Technical College System (2011). 2010 Graduate Follow-Up Report. Madison, WI.