Workforce Preparation and Employment Outcomes

Employment Outcomes: Wyoming

Percentage of Wyoming Community College degree or certificate completers employed within one year after graduation

What Is Measured?

Employment rates one year after graduation

Who Is Counted?

2008-09 Wyoming Community College degree or certificate completers

What It Tells Us

Among 2008-09 Wyoming Community College graduates, 41 percent reported being employed full time within one year of graduating and another 30 percent reported being employed part time. Some 11 percent reported being unemployed and seeking employment and 13 percent were unemployed but no longer seeking employment.

Why It's Important

Labor force participation is consistently associated with higher levels of education, even among those who do not complete a degree or certificate. While a number of states report employment outcomes for students who have enrolled in a community college or completed a community college degree or certificate, the way in which these outcomes are reported and the populations on which outcome measures are based vary widely, making it difficult to compare these measures across states.

About the Data

Full-time employment: 40 hours or more per week.

Part-time employment: less than 40 hours per week.

Unemployed, not seeking employment: includes those unemployed and no longer seeking employment as well as those who have retired.

Employment data come from the 2008–2009 System Graduate Surveys. In 2008-09, there were 701 respondents. The surveys are typically administered six months to a year after graduation. Central Wyoming College did not report the percentage of their 2008-09 graduates who were unemployed and seeking employment. An additional 4 percent of survey respondents, not shown here, did not indicate their employment status.

Data Source

Wyoming Community College Commission. (2011). Annual performance report: Core indicators of effectiveness 2009–2010. Cheyenne, WY: Wyoming Community College Commission.