College Milestones

Threshold number of credits in specified time

Students who intend to complete a program and obtain a credential or transfer to a four-year college must complete a required number of course credits. Even after the first year, earning a specific number of credits is a milestone that is associated with future success. For students who do not intend to graduate or transfer but may be more interested in improving their workforce skills or cultivating personal interests, earning a certain number of college-level credits may constitute a goal in and of itself.

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Additional Initiatives:ASAP

Six-Year Completion of 12 or More Credits

Six-Year Completion of 30 or More Credits

Five-Year Completion of 15 or More Credits

Five-Year Completion of 30 or More Credits

Two-Year Credit Completion

Six-Year Credit Completion

Completion of college-level credits by semester

Total credits earned, by semester