Alice van Ommeren

Interim Vice Chancellor of Technology, Research and Information Systems

Alice van Ommeren is the Dean of Research, Analysis and Accountability at the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office since 2011. The Research, Analysis and Accountability Unit responds to the research needs of policy makers and college administrators.  She received her doctorate in educational leadership from the University of the Pacific in 2011 and has published in several educational research journals, including Journal of Applied Research in the Community College and Community College Journal of Research and Practice. She was the recipient of the Mertes Award for Excellence in Community College Research in 2011 and on behalf of the unit received several Awards of Excellence in Research from the RP Group. She speaks extensively at conferences and received Best Presentation Award at CAIR in 2009 forExpanding Transfer Pathways: Influence of For-Profit Institutions. She teaches education policy at the University of the Pacific and was recently president of the California Association of Institutional Research (CAIR). She is currently on the Board of the Research and Planning (RP) Group of the California Community Colleges.