The Arch

The Completion Arch™ is a comprehensive framework that spans the wide range of community college student endeavors - from enrollment to college completion to career readiness. The data are organized into Areas, Measures and Indicators.

What is an Area?

The Completion Arch groups indicators into five topical areas representing the progression of students into and through community college and eventually into the workplace. The five areas are as follows: Enrollment; Developmental Education Placement; Progress; Transfer and Completion; and Workforce Preparation and Employment Outcomes.

What is a Measure?

Each area encompasses multiple measures. As used here, a measure is a conceptual definition of student progress within the general topical area. For example, Enrollment consists of two measures: fall enrollment and unduplicated annual enrollment. Progress, however, is a much larger area, including precollege and college milestones and indicators signaling momentum.

What is an Indicator?

Each measure further consists of one or more indicators. An indicator is a specific operational definition of a measure and its results. Each indicator may have a slightly different outcome, population, or time frame. For example, the measure "Participation in Developmental Courses," can include math, reading, writing, and any combination of courses. Some indicators are more useful depictions of student success than others, even when they correspond to the same measure.

Workforce Preparation and Employment Outcomes Transfer and Completion Progress Developmental Education Placement Enrollment